Learning log Digital storytelling

Learning log digital storytelling

Digital storytelling can be a very powerful tool in the classroom. Pictures will have more of an impact then words. One of the digital stories I watched was called Vietnam. It was about a young boy that dies during the war. Being able to see the picture of the young boy and realized he died for he’s county is very powerful. When you add pictures to any story it tends to get more personalized.

I had a lot of trouble with this assignment. I have an old computer and was directed to use program photos 3. I was able to upload the pictures very easily; I was able to add a narration easily. The problem arose when I tried to upload to YouTube. I could not. I tried several defend ways. Nothing worked. My story was about an Anthony Robles. Anthony won the division 1 national champ chip. Anthony was born with one leg.

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Learning log Wiki

Learning Log Wiki

This was first time using a wiki. I admit I was very frustrated at first. I could not post anything on the message board. I followed others people comments on how to use. I was still unable. I never saw the pencil or a prompt to reply. I final figured what was wrong. The problem was in blackboard. When I used the link thru blackboard I could not post anything. I finally copied the link and open up a separate page. There I finally saw the pencil to edit, the post a reply comment. Now that I know how to use it I do like it.

I do like how you can work on a group project on a wiki and never have to meet each other. The idea that I can work with a group from all over the country is a great tool it could also be a great tool for students. Build a wiki for the class. You have discussion groups as homework. Have the students work to build the wiki could also get them more involved in the lesson.

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Flickr Galleries


Flickr slide show.

Learning the flikr was a lot easier than I expected. I had never heard of this website but relay enjoyed it. I was able to create slide show that I can use for several classes. This slide show I created is geared more towards younger children. Kinder garden or first graders. Safety is always a big concern in physical education. I would use this slide to reinforce the rules when on the playground. Since most kids are familiar with computers, The students can review the slide at home. If the students can review it at home after the first day class, we can jump right into the lesson on day two.

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Classroom Blog


  Richard Byrne created a blog for teachers and students. He discuses how teachers can utilize technology that is free to help in the classroom. Most of the blog posts were about the use of free technology. Free technology is very important in today’s world of school cutbacks. The post I read was about blogs for the students to use. In the blog there a short video were there students discuss why they like to use blogs. I felt this was very interested to hear students themselves discuss what they liked.  Some of the comment was that blogging help keep them interested. When the class uses blogs all the information is there accessible when you need it. the teacher used blogs similar to how we use blackboard. Assignments were posted. Comments were posted.

I felt this was a very interesting idea. Students these days love technology. Students spend lots of time on the computer. Blogging incorporated all of this. Classroom blogs is a great toll to keep the students engaged.


  This is a post on the free technology for teachers Blog page.  The post offers students free tutorials on math. There are lessons in geometry, algebra, and trigonometry. Along with the video tutorials there are message boards if the students have any questions. The is really good tool for teachers. Teachers might want to spend more time on a particular section of math but because of time restraint they need to keep moving on. Teachers can refer this blog to their students to get extra help. I also believe this could be a great tool for parents. Some parents might want to get involved in their kids homework but cannot. They forgot how to do the math problems. This may help the parent remember what they learned in school and stay involved with their children.


This post reminds me very much of this class. Here teachers are taught how to create Wiki spaces, Blogs pages. How to build a classroom website? This is a great tool to help teachers learn technology.  The technology is out there for everybody to learn. What post does it make is easier to learn. The information is organized so anybody can learn. I feel when I start teaching this is post I will continue to utilize. I need to constantly be refreshed on all the great technologies out there.

All three of the blogs I read I liked a lot. I do believe the use of blogs can be beneficial to any teacher, epically new teacher. The amount of information that is easily accessible is amazing. As a new teacher I plan on using blogs to help create lesson plans.  I am studding for my praxis one test. I have not taken algebra in over fifteen years. I am using the blog to help me study. So far it has been helpful. The blog will help teachers stay current with the use of technology. Technology keeps changing. The blog will help teachers stay current and possible one step ahead of the students.


The blog site Mr. Hollis class is a blog about a third grade glass. The blog had a lot nice videos and pictures of he’s class. Some students posted what they had done on for the 4th of July. I thought that was interesting. One student created a video on how to retire an American flag. That is something I did not know. I did enjoy this blog because it gave examples on how to get the students involved.  Students were posting items event when they were out of school.


This blog was very interesting. I read a lot of the post. The post relate to social issues in the world. The post is very thought proving but could also be seed as very controversial. Two Philosophies

  Malcolm X Martin Luther King Jr.
Can all races get along? Segregation – All races should be separate and leave one another alone Integration – All races should live and interact with each other
Faith Muslim Christian
Methods Violence might be necessary when protests are not enough, but also try boycotts and protests and speeches. Never use violence. Instead, use boycotts, protests, speeches, etc.
National Identity Be proud of your race and consider yourself a nation of your race instead of your country Be proud of your American identity and your race at the same time. The goal is for all races to be part of our nation.

What are their similarities? What are their differences?

This is a post I felt much thought proving but if not presented in the correct framework very controversial. As a teacher you can use some of these ideas to promote discussions in the classrooms.

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reflection # 3 digital footprint

  Digital footprint is a term we learned about during module 1. Digital footprint is information about you that easily accessible on the internet. As teachers I believe it very important to educate the students about their footprint. Students need to understand that any information they put on the internet is there forever. People these days put personal behaviors, party photos and all kind of picaroon the internet. They need to understand the importance go a good digital footprint. As teacher we need to educate the students on a positive footprint. They could be volunteer work awards= or anything positive. Students need to be taught the positive and negative aspects of the internet

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Relfection # 2 Blogging

 Blogging was term I was familiar with, but never took the time to actually learn how to blog. Learning how to blog was very interesting but also very frustrating. I spent more time trying to figure out how to setup my blog page and actually post blogs then to actually write the blog. This is part due to my stubborn behavior. I try to figure out thing without reading the directions. My wife always pokes fun of me for doing that.  One occasion I was putting a deck together. Just as I was finished and the desk looked complete. My wife picks a part of the desk piece L and asks what this is? I had no idea. Let’s just say the desk was complete but just missing piece L. The other problem I had is that I have an old computer. I was asked several times to update my web Brower. The problem was since my compute was so old I was unable too. I think this is assign to purchase a new computer.

Blogging was very interesting. The idea that that I can learn from other people through the use of blogging is an incredible tool. There is so much information from teachers being posted. Learning from others in the feels I believe is the best learning you can have. It would be like you have a hundreds of mentor teachers to help you. I know they would not actually be a mentor but being able to learn though there experience is invaluable. Blogging is something a defiantly see myself utilizing in my teaching career

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Reflection # 1

Module 1 reflection

  I know I stated before that this is my first online class. I was little nervous because I prefer the classroom setting. I learn better listening to people then reading on my own. As I was reading the module I found myself getting a little confused on the assignments. It seemed that has was reading the different areas in the module, I would new assignments due. The other problem I have with online classes is the problem with me. I am a huge procrastinator. I am learning really fast that you cannot procrastinate during an on-line class. There is to mush work.

As a read through the module I am very interested in the use of technology. There is a lot of information out there for everybody to use. I can find lesson plans for any subject. I know because the copyright laws I learned that must site other work if I use it.  Being a Physical Education teacher I know I will not use a lot of technology being that fact that PE usually received a small budget. I can however utilize technology learn fresh new ideas on units. Stay in touch with others in the field.

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