Learning log final class

Learning log Final Class

  This was my first on line class. The class was a lot more work then I had planned for. I am sure my grade will reflect that. Even though I learned a lot from this class I still prefer the traditional classroom setting. The material was very interesting and I did enjoy the content. I learned a lot of useful information. When I become a teacher I do believe I will utilize a lot of the tools I learned about. I can see myself using twitter and blogs to help prepare for my units. I never realized just how information is out there. I am sure teacher in upcoming years will wonder how teachers taught decades ago without all the technology. I would like to thank everyone in the and my teacher for the feedback I received. Also to my teacher I hope I did not annoy too much, I have a feeling you will hear from me again soon.


About charlesmoschera

I am a student at Mcdaniel college best program
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