Learning log Final project

Collaborative Interactive Project learning log/

  I have rough plan for an activity. I would like to create a P E activity where the students create their own varion of an activity. I would like the students to take any activity and chage the rules on how the activity can be played. One example can be kickball; the adapted rule can be you can more the one player on a base at the same time.  This activity would go through for three weeks in an 8th grade class. My goal of this project is to collobater the technology teacher as well as other middle schools. . The goal is find the best modified activity. I would like to the students to get into groups of five. I would like to utilize site like diggo where the students can work on a project together. During the first week students can practice their activity in separate groups. I would then like the students to utilize site like flicker to demonstrate how the games are played. I would use Skype t help corroborate with the other schools. Skype can be used so view other schools example of modified activities. I would Ike to incorporate tow other schools from across the United States. This activity can incorporate the student’s knowledge of various activities. The students will have to be creative.


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I am a student at Mcdaniel college best program
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