Learning log Digital storytelling

Learning log digital storytelling

Digital storytelling can be a very powerful tool in the classroom. Pictures will have more of an impact then words. One of the digital stories I watched was called Vietnam. It was about a young boy that dies during the war. Being able to see the picture of the young boy and realized he died for he’s county is very powerful. When you add pictures to any story it tends to get more personalized.

I had a lot of trouble with this assignment. I have an old computer and was directed to use program photos 3. I was able to upload the pictures very easily; I was able to add a narration easily. The problem arose when I tried to upload to YouTube. I could not. I tried several defend ways. Nothing worked. My story was about an Anthony Robles. Anthony won the division 1 national champ chip. Anthony was born with one leg.


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I am a student at Mcdaniel college best program
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