Relfection # 2 Blogging

 Blogging was term I was familiar with, but never took the time to actually learn how to blog. Learning how to blog was very interesting but also very frustrating. I spent more time trying to figure out how to setup my blog page and actually post blogs then to actually write the blog. This is part due to my stubborn behavior. I try to figure out thing without reading the directions. My wife always pokes fun of me for doing that.  One occasion I was putting a deck together. Just as I was finished and the desk looked complete. My wife picks a part of the desk piece L and asks what this is? I had no idea. Let’s just say the desk was complete but just missing piece L. The other problem I had is that I have an old computer. I was asked several times to update my web Brower. The problem was since my compute was so old I was unable too. I think this is assign to purchase a new computer.

Blogging was very interesting. The idea that that I can learn from other people through the use of blogging is an incredible tool. There is so much information from teachers being posted. Learning from others in the feels I believe is the best learning you can have. It would be like you have a hundreds of mentor teachers to help you. I know they would not actually be a mentor but being able to learn though there experience is invaluable. Blogging is something a defiantly see myself utilizing in my teaching career


About charlesmoschera

I am a student at Mcdaniel college best program
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